Friday, 16 December 2016

zimbabwe's bret rammz will shaya you "ngapakathi" with this fresh new jam

You know, quite often we get sent new music and as much as you just want to give everybody a chance, it’s difficult to know who is and isn’t the real deal. I mean, everybody hypes themselves up as “the next big thing” but in reality only about 30% of the music you are sent lives up to this billing.But then, once in a while, you hear a rapper spitting bars on a track and you think to yourself “Hang on, this kid has got some potential”. That’s how I felt when I heard Bret Rammz for the first time.The young spitter from Bulawayo relocated to Johannesburg 4 years ago and he admits that he’s been hustling like a beast ever since then.

It’s working out for him too; Bret will be opening up for “We Up” star, Emtee at an upcoming gig.One particular track that caught the eye is his Ndebele/English fusion, “Ngapakathi”. The beat definitely warms to the ear, but there’s something about this kid’s flow that really makes him endearing to listeners.So let’s leave it up to you: if you were a music critic, what advice would you give to the boy Bret Rammz? Does he have the potential to make it?.
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