Thursday, 22 December 2016

Funny eminem is back! listen to him “preview” hilarious joke single

Eminem made a reputation for himself as one of the funniest rappers in the game back in the day. The strange thing is, he was also incredibly real, woke and serious on a lot of his tracks. But he just had this incredibly wacky but brilliant humour.

These days, Marshall has matured into a more serious person and although he shows off his lighter side, he’s usually kind of just hardcore and thuggish and we don’t get that many jokes anymore.
This is why we’re so glad that he managed to roll back the years and hit us with a funny joke as he previewed a fake new single called “What time you sucking it?” Speaking during an interview on Shade 45 Eminem said:
“Yeah, it’s [the single] coming out soon. You want the hook to it? I can give you a taste of the hook. ‘Tell me what time, what time what time/What time you suckin’ it? What time you suckin’ it?'”
You can listen to the full interview below

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